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Authorized push payment fraud (APP fraud) is a form of fraud in which victims are manipulated into making real-time payments to fraudsters, typically by social engineering attacks involving impersonation. As of 2019 in the United Kingdom, because the victims of these frauds authorized the payments, albeit mistakenly, they are typically not fully reimbursed by their banks.


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Current Employee - Practice Director says

"I have been working at Apps Associates full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Management will burn you out then discard you"

Former Employee - Senior Principal Consultant says

"I worked at Apps Associates full-time for more than a year Cons: Micromanagement /Horrible Project Managers Bad middle and upper management Constant layoffs No projects No learning growth"

Current Employee - Senior Principal Consultant says

"I have been working at Apps Associates full-time for more than a year Cons: Complete lack of ongoing dialog wrt training, upcoming assignments, etc. If you're on the bench, you are invisible. The lack of communication leads to concern over one's position, and good people leave as a result. This pattern will continue, and even get worse, now that the company is owned by Venture Capitalists. Continuing to solve staffing problems by going to the well of ex-Bluewolf consultants is not a good long-term strategy. During my time at Apps, it was stated several times that one's annual bonus was not based on one's billable utilization. This turned out to be a complete lie. In March 2018, the company announced there would be no bonuses unless a previously unadvertised utilization percentage was achieved. 1) It is not the fault of the billable consultants that Sales is incapable of building a pipeline of work; 2) Funny how the managers all got their bonuses, despite abysmal overall performance. BEWARE. This company will not be good for your career."


"I have been working at Apps Associates Cons: Beware.They post fake jobs online and conduct fake interviews. for their trainee and outsourced that they can learn from the knowledge of experienced professionals.I would avoid their interviews unless you are a fresher."

Former Employee - BI Architect says

"I worked at Apps Associates full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Bad Project Management , Missed deadlines , everything is sent to India to work on. You will be lucky if you get 8 hrs sleep. Lot of dirty politics. Customers are overcharged and sometime double charged for the work which didn't happen at all. Stay away from this company"

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at Apps Associates full-time for less than a year Cons: Managers are staying for long time and no professionalism and they want to survive by sucking the blood of juniors or newly joined people."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Apps Associates full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Top Management changed now, but incompetent managers are still there for long time and recently hired few managers who are worst than existing managers. Top Management usually goes by below manager's words who are incompetent and unfit to the company without checking the ground level situation. Top Management and GDC head totally failed to identify high performanced and loyal employees . If you suck few managers shoes ( Some new managers joined recently and some Existing managers too) and Managers talks good about you to the top management, then your positions will be safe, secure and high growth and good salary growth. Few Managers rate their team members how much you please them by your actions, not by your performance, Few Managers intentionally create negative environment and discourage their top performers in the team no matter what you do just to let you go out of the organization. Some Managers dont approve your leaves as well although your positions is critical, but they take leaves when there is need from managers and dont inform their team members... Overall, I dont recommend Apps for any one except for freshers."

Current Employee - Senior Consultant says

"I have been working at Apps Associates full-time for more than a year Cons: No future as employee You will be working as contractor in india No groath"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Apps Associates full-time Cons: low level manager uses spy to monitor all the employees. and that spy is useless fellow"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Apps Associates full-time Cons: Worst ceo inspite of you give complaint also they are not taking action on them. They have state feeling one manager and vc are from same city.So there will be no action."

Paramed (Mobile) says

"The owners wife hired me promised I could make my own schedule and turn down jobs I didn't want but if you turn any down they give you the 3rd degree and cut your case load. Also that I would not crisscross town to do jobs. Every job was on opposite sides of town form each other crossing morning and evening traffic. You spend more time in traffic then doing cases. If the job was more than 25miles form your address they pay. After I was hired it turned into 25miles from your zip code( how do you measure that. Zip codes start and stop everywhere. Pay was stated as each job was 27.50 and each extra service added on from that. After i got hired they couldn't give me a pay rate sheet with those rates so the man owner told me it was a flat 25.00 for every case. When I complained about my pay being wrong they would get upset like I shouldn't question them and cut my case load. All of this I have proof because I recorded the interview and have every word on my phone. Anytime I went to that office to talk I recorded it I suggest anyone that interviews with then record it so you can see when they start lying just leave don't argue work for there competition and drive them out. Last but not least they chargeback for everything Cons: Pay, Communication with staff, charge backs, rental equipment to do job, no training, no support form Management"

Examiner (Current Employee) says

"its been ok, not so great since the buy out, they are not paying nearly a well and there is a lot of mis communication in t he office. But it ok for now."

American Para Professional Systems (Current Employee) says

"low payed position, accumulating excess mileage on your vehicle and burning gas all the time. the company do not pay extra for gas or mileage used daily. Cons: always worked outside in the field"

Mobile Phlebotomist/Examiner (Current Employee) says

"Drive from client to client to draw blood, collect urine sample, saliva, and do EKG. Cons: independant contractor, no health benifits, no gas, extra miles on your car"

Examiner I (Former Employee) says

"Watch your pay! all the cases you actually do they don't pay you for. You pay your own gas, ink, paper, and they don't even wanna pay your mileage when you go above 30. You spend more on them then what you get paid. When you request your pay stubs they ignore you. Sad how they take advantage of hard working people. Tolls are 20.00 plus monthly and they don't care and Dallas has tons of those. Cons: No pay for your work"

Mobile Examiner, Phlebotomist (Current Employee) says

"some weeks you can get a lot of clients, then go days/weeks with no new clients. very hard to pay bills or get a full time job with the limited schedule you plan"

Paramedical Examiner (Former Employee) says

"The management team are a bunch of liars. Tbey promise you all this work when you interview. Then when u accept the position you are lucky to get 5 exams per week!"

Paramedical Examiner (Current Employee) says

"The people that work in the office are great, but it took a long time to start . also you don't get enough clients to really make any money ,some people I go see it takes all of my pay just to drive there!! not a good job for a head of household!"

Paramedical examiner (Current Employee) says

"The only good thing I can say is that you can set your own hours and service area. You are not given mileage compensation unless you agree to go outside of your set area, then it's only an extra $5. You have to call and schedule most of your appointments on your own time that you are not paid for! You are only paid for the work completed at the clients home. This is a part-time independent contractor position."

Phlebotomist (Current Employee) says

"The management is horrible. Office staff and supervisors are the rudest individuals I have ever spoke with in my 25 years of healthcare experience. Cons: No benefits, no advancements"

Medical Examiner (Former Employee) says

"working for APPs was a mixed experience. Im great with customer service and I like helping others. the flexibility of making your own schedule is great. As a para med for apps you have to confirm the appointments of your clients the day before. and centrifuge and process the specimens for shipment the next day. if to processed within a day a late fee deduction is added. sometimes many clients no show you and change their minds . There are no benefits with this job, no security, and not even any over time payments..... Cons: no benefits, no over time, no security"

Medical Director (Current Employee) says

"lots of autonomy, flexible schedule out in the field. Cons: no benefits"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"used to be a fun place to work and then it became unbearable. due to relocation and added staff. Apps purchased porta medic so we inherited there staff which became competitive. I learned the life insurance side of the business. Management was not. The hardest part was making sure that you watched your back. like i said it used to be enjoyable no longer. Cons: healthcare was expensive"

Security Guard (Current Employee) says

"I do a lot of patrolling around sobeys. occusioanly I do events at scotia speed world. it is very overwhelming at time. considering im alone. it ok but I would rather do corrections"

Executive Accounts (Former Employee) says

"It is good place if you can follow your RM's orders blindly. Be ready for compromise. Company should be on your priority and your family should be secondary. Cons: Good place to learn."

Paramedical Examiner (Contractor) says

"Typcial paramedical company. You are assigned clients, conduct the exam and send off the specimens and paperwork when you are finished. Cons: Lack of Consistency with cases"

Supervising Examiner (Current Employee) says

"great place to refine your skills as an independent contractor. work environment is wonderful. Great team that helps you every step of the way. Gives you a great education on the life insurance process and the steps clients take to obtain life insurance"

Medical Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Love the flexible schedule, the staff is very friendly and fun nature. They are very understanding. The staff is very professional. I've worked with them for many years. Cons: No benefits"

porteiro (Former Employee) says

"ganhei muita experiencia no decorrer deste serviço ! Cons: ela passava vale refeição"

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